Friday, January 17, 2014

Me doing a talk about Eclipse at Philippine Tech Hackers meetup

Me doing a presentation for phacker's hackmakati, topic "Editors & IDEs". My presentation was for Eclipse.

It's been too long since I did a presentation like this, too long that trees can already talk. Well, specifically 2 years already.

The audience was a mixed, rubyists, groovyists, perlites (or stringmaster, as suggested by a good friend/buddy from ##programming), a few droids & even non-programmers. I hope these folks didn't get bored with me speaking in English. Yep, there were non-tagalog folks so I had to talk in English - something I did not anticipate, because the last time I went to phackers meetup (2 months ago), we were very few & all filipino.

The other talks (vim, eclipse, sublime) were great! their presentation stacks were a lot better than mine :|. At the very least, I got to show this cool image:

Lesson learned: my english & confidence skills (if they were existent) went really bad. On the positive side, it was a great experience, exp that you do not get by everyday. Thank you Philippine Tech Hackers!

Link to my presentation slides.

/* also thanks to my good friend Fuji for lending me his laptop */