Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black in Black

I'm back from the depths of the void ;)
Very long since my last post here. So much have happened, unfortunately undocumented.

Fortunately, I've found a new sense of importance in logging (web). Three things.

(1)Most importantly is to have a record of your thoughts. Because definitely tomorrow will be another big day and it's likely that you'll forget most of what happened today.

(2)Next is to share, well I hope my posts do help someone out there :D

(3)And last is to monetize, though commonly thought as the root of all evil (it can), it's also an important thing for us humans to live.

Right now, so much is happening, so much stuff I'd like to todo:
  1. Android
  2. Make a great Blog
  3. My fulltime Software Engineer Job (busy)
  4. Prepare & Sell my PC
I'd like to attribute this comback post to AIC's comeback album BGWTB. I'm happy I am able to log again here ;) till next post!